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Description of V4 update for V3 users
What is the difference between V4 and V3?
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Page builder

The elementor page builder is easier than an existing page builder, and is easy to customize for beginners.
You can easily add by drag and drop and you have the option to customize various designs.
We updated the core to make it easier to use the elemtnor page builder, making it easier to customize than before and to use more features.

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In V3, you have to hard-coding to do customization. But now you can customize it with the elementor page builder, without having to modify the source code. And you can customize more parts. (Listing detail page, each page, post page, map page, archive, header, footer, etc ..)

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source code

In V3, the old method and the source code were renewed in the latest method. So in V4, the theme is faster than V3 and there is less conflict with 3rd-part-plugins.

Some cool features that have been updated from V3 to V4
1. Header

You can freely customize it, use different headers for each page you want, and use global headers to share common headers.

2. Footer

You can customize more freely than before and you can see what you want in the footer.
You can freely customize colors, menus, and locations.

3. Listing detail

In the past, only a few layouts were available, but you can create your own listing detail page with your customized custom and use the customized listing detail template.

4. Map page

Previously, you needed addons to modify the Map location, but now you can modify the Map location without addons. (Some options require an addon.)
You can add a map to a location you want, or you can remove a map and use it as a List page.

5. Archive Listing page

Previously, V3 only supported the archive page for the listing category. But now you can create your own archive page and customize it.

7. Module

In previous versions of V3 you needed a hard coding technique to customize the source or code of the files to modify the module, but now you can customize the location, view meta values, and design in the page builder.

8. Font-end Post submit page

In V3, we have created a post submit page with many clients’ requests.
Now you can easily create a post submit page using short code.

Are addons purchased in V3 available in V4?

You can not use the V3 addons.
So you should update it with an addon available in V4.
Before updating to V4, please leave your plugin purchase history on our support site as a ticket.
Our support team will then give you a V4 addon free coupon. (Only for purchased addons)

Can I continue to use the Visual Composer that I provided in the V3 theme?

Yes, you can.
But please understand that it is not available in V4.

Is it possible to migrate data from a Visual Composer page to an elementor page?

Unfortunately, it is impossible.
You need to set a new page.
However, the elementor page builder can be drag & drap and easy to customize.
So you can quickly set up your new page.

How do I update from V3 to V4?

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